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Contact NameBarb Horn
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Organization NameBarb Horn, LLC
City & StateMarvel, CO
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Organizational Phone Number(970) 903-3029
EmployeesOne, or individual/consultant
Service & Support LanguagesEnglish
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement

In progress as is a website, created and ran a statewide volunteer monitoring program whose site is below
  • County, local, or sub-state
  • State level
  • Multiple states, or regional
  • National
  • International
Additional geographic informationI have and do work at all levels. My work has primarily been in the west but I have worked with groups all over the USA, in Mexico, Canada and Australia
Water Body Scales
  • Small, wade-able streams
  • Rivers
  • Freshwater lakes and ponds
Water Data Collaborative Framework Areas
  • Preparing for data collection; including study design creation/training, data collection/management set up, program evaluation solutions, and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) development
  • Monitors collect data; including apps for collecting data, lab reports, and paper reporting solutions
  • Local data storage; including relational databases (GIS/SQL/Access), and any online or Excel based solutions, and also including data clean-up/standardization
Other Completed Projects

1. I co-authored a Study Design process and developed a training that has been used by groups for over 20 years, originated with Rocky Mountain Watershed Network (which is now dissolved) that is the basis of the WDC's Study Design Training. Originally funded by EPA, I have trained tribes, non profits, municipalities and special districts, state and federal agencies and stakeholder groups.
2. Created the Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) framework, training, online data management system to get all non state and federal water quality data organized an into a common data hub, still going 20 years later.
3. Developed Colorado River Watch's Study Design, data management system from the 1990's to 2020. I know the challenges and the opportunities.


Julie Vastine, Dickinson College, ALLARM,
Gayle Killiam, Water Policy Pathways,
Katherine Luscher, Waterkeeper Alliance,
Danielle Donkersloot, BLM,
Susan Holdsworth, EPA all things Clean Water Act,,
Dwayne Young, EPA all things data,
Peter Ismert, EPA Region 8, ,
Rich Schrader, Riversource,
Mary Skopec, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory: Regents Resource
Luke Javernick, ED River Science,
Anne Lewis, South Dakota Discovery Museum,
Sarah Gossett, Galveston Bay,

Project Price Ranges
  • Less than $1,000
  • $1,000-$2,500
  • $2,500-$5,000
  • $5,00-$10,000
  • $10,000-$20,000
Minimum Project Budget SizeNo
Discounted Rates for Non-Profit Organizations?Yes
Typical Client Types
  • Local governments
  • State governments
  • Non-profits/NGOs
  • The general public
Do you follow FAIR Data Principles?Yes, these principles are always followed
Other Information

I meet the organization where they are as we design a feasible path to where they want to go that aligns and connects monitoring to their primary mission. We focusing on generating measurable results, outcomes and impacts no matter what the date objectives and monitoring purposes, simple to complex.