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ResourceLand Water Explorer App
ProviderChesapeake Conservancy, Conservation Innovation Center

This web app allows a user to determine the upstream drainage area of a given NHD Plus HR (Beta) catchment, along with high resolution (1 meter) land cover (for a selected catchment and/or its upstream drainage area). It can be used as a tool for planning monitoring sites, to aid with insight for where high levels of impervious land cover may detrimentally impact water quality. It can also be used as a tool for existing monitoring programs, to examine the interface between land and water, and may be able to add context for areas where poor water quality is observed, if there is also less natural land cover. While similar apps exist, this presents the most high resolution and current data available (1 meter land cover, from 2013/2014, at a NHD Plus HR Beta scale), and hopefully can be updated to more geographies and more current land cover datasets (anticipated 2017/2018 update is due out in 2020) as they become available.

Resource FormatWeb Application
CostFree to use
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