Water Data Collaborative: Made Possible by the Pisces Foundation

The Water Data Collaborative would not exist without the support of the Pisces Foundation. Their vision to bring together a powerful network of nonprofit organizations dedicated to community science water monitoring has made the WDC possible. Check out their great recent blog post about the work of the Water Data Collaborative here, and make sure you check out the Story Map mentioned too!

Upcoming Webinar – Volunteer Monitoring: Connecting Volunteer Data to the Water Quality Portal

Monday, July 1, 2019 from 2pm-3pm EST
Join us for a webinar put on by several members of the Water Data Collaborative and colleagues: Barb Horn, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, John Dawes, Chesapeake Commons, and Laura Shumway, US Environmental Protection Agency.

The goal of most volunteer monitoring programs is to ensure that well-trained volunteers collect data of known quality and use data used for change. In the study design process (where programs think …

Steering Committee meets in Annapolis

Members of the Water Data Collaborative Steering Committee were hard at work the last two days working on long term planning and coordination for the next year. We focused on evaluating the progress we’ve made in the last year and among other items, went through a valuable exercise led by Peter Colohan, of the Internet of Water, where we identified how our current functions can evolve to meet our future needs, …

Water Data Collaborative Steering Committee presents at NWQCM

Members of the Water Data Collaborative Steering Committee had the pleasure of presenting at the 11th National Monitoring Conference of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council. Our session was called “Saddle Up! Harnessing the Power of Citizen Science” and featured 4 presentations: “Water Data Collaborative: Harnessing the Power of Citizen Science,” by Arleen O’Donnell, “Beginning with the End in Mind-tools from the Water Data Collaborative” by Samantha Briggs, “Unifying Volunteer Water …