Photo by John Kelly of the Washington Post of Sam Briggs taking water quality reading for salt levels

Making the News: IWLA’s Winter Salt Watch Program

The Izaak Walton League, a founding member of the WDC, and Steering Committee member Sam Briggs have made the Washington Post for their important work with their Winter Salt Watch Program. In the winter, snow and ice mean road salt – but road salt means toxic conditions for aquatic life. You can help be a part of the solution, by testing water in your area! Check out the link to the …

Our Land-Water App is Making Headlines!

The Land-Water Explorer App is getting lots of attention! Have you checked it, and its accompanying StoryMap out yet?

Check out the implications of this new app from the WDC and the Chesapeake Conservancy in these articles:

From the Virginian Pilot

From the Daily Press

From the Baltimore Sun

From Yahoo News

From the Capital Gazette in Annapolis

Response from local citizen in Gazette Letters (scroll to “Environmental App”)
“I applaud the Water Data Collaborative and the Chesapeake Conservancy for developing …

A New Tool for Examining the Land-Water Connection in the Chesapeake

The Chesapeake Conservancy has shared the new Land-Water Explorer App  along with an accompanying StoryMap that explains the data and analysis process in detail. The Conservation Innovation Center was established in 2013 as part of the Conservancy, and uses cutting-edge technology to empower data-driven precision conservation and restoration. With hopes to eventually expand beyond the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the GIS data in this app will allow water monitoring organizations to better …

Making a Difference in Maine

The nonprofit Friends of Casco Bay have been using Water Reporter, from founding WDC Steering Committee member, the Commons, to great success; volunteer community scientists have been collecting a variety of water quality information to help keep the public informed about the health of Casco Bay.

Check out the latest monitoring data and learn about how you can help too, or check out this article describing more about the impact Water Reporter …