About the WDC

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Our Mission

The Collaborative’s mission is to grow and maintain an inclusive community of trained and qualified community water scientists data generators who employ best available practices and technologies to provide data that enable the protection and restoration of our nation’s waterways. 

Network Engagement
And Development

We are working to build, strengthen and promote our network to ensure we continually evolve to represent the needs and challenges faced by the diversity of community scientists with whom we work. Thousands of citizen-based and non-profit groups are monitoring the nation’s water resources. If made accessible, the information they collect can help provide an enlightened picture of the condition of our nation’s waterways, leading to increased awareness, action and progress toward achieving clean water goals.

Data Making A Difference

A huge network of volunteer monitors already exists, but their individual efforts are not connected. A major focus of the Water Data Collaborative is to create systems that streamline the processes of collecting, uploading, and sharing data. Similarly, there are a number of highly effective tools and platforms designed to visualize and analyze data that have been collected, but they are often designed for a single partner. Scaling these efforts to larger geographies and more partners will provide a critical linkage transforming data to action. To this end, we have developed a framework that will catalyze data sharing among citizen and non-profit groups. Standardizing and facilitating data sharing will activate these data and provide a foundational component of the Internet of Water.

Advocating for Community Supported Water Science

We want to see more community science data in the hands of decision-makers, so we work with state and federal agency partners to help catalogue and share best practices and services for embracing and supporting community water science. We recently released a StoryMap that allows agencies to easily share and discover ways they and others are supporting and embracing community water science and data.

Our Steering Committee

The current Steering Committee of the Water Data Collaborative was initially formed to help answer the question of how technology could be used to transform and support community water science. The Committee brings together, for the first time, representatives of community water science networks, innovative water science technologists, and stewards and users of water data. Our goal is to develop resources that support the collection of data that is useful and achieves impact.

What’s Needed

The Water Data Collaborative has recently completed a Strategic Plan. Check out where we’re headed and learn how we plan to build and support a movement around community water science.