Our Land-Water App is Making Headlines!

Our Land-Water App is Making Headlines!

The Land-Water Explorer App is getting lots of attention! Have you checked it, and its accompanying StoryMap out yet?

Check out the implications of this new app from the WDC and the Chesapeake Conservancy in these articles:

From the Virginian Pilot

From the Daily Press

From the Baltimore Sun

From Yahoo News

From the Capital Gazette in Annapolis

Response from local citizen in Gazette Letters (scroll to “Environmental App”)

“I applaud the Water Data Collaborative and the Chesapeake Conservancy for developing the tool…”

Thanks to these news outlets for sharing a significant new resource for community water scientists in the Chesapeake Bay. We hope to expand the reach of this application to more areas, and update its land cover data as new data is expected in 2021. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in this effort, use the app yourself, or have other feedback!